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Balayage is in Patrick's blood. Patrick Ryan is a top Chicago hair colorist, now excluysively accomodating guests at his Harbor Country Trail salon, Color Pop Salon. Located in picturesque New Buffalo, Michigan, his new light-filled, private boutique salon is just an hour from downtown Chicago. Find out why he loves the area so much... and find out what his love of his craft of hair color can do for you.  He continually strives to be the best hair colorist he can be, each day. After a stellar run with some of Chicago's top salons, he decided to elevate his passion by opening his own shop, Mixed Co. Salon with his husband, Dave Spillane. After 10 successful years running Mixed Co. Salon, a dream fulfilled for him, Patrick decided to follow another dream and gift his salon to his staff.

Education is key, always keeping up on the latest trends and techniques.  With help from some of the top colorists and educators from around the world, along with his own fervency, Patrick has truly honed his craft.


Not only does he love to continue his own education in the craft of hair color, he is truly inspired to continue other colorists education as well. He has developed a comprehensive training curriculum that is for all hair colorists looking to elevate their game. His passion shines through with supplying top hair color education with an approachable understanding and a deft touch, all wrapped in a passionate package.

Hair color education, specifically balayage training, should be hands-on with one-on-one access to the educator. Patrick's approach to hair color education is just that... he knows from his experience that your hands should be in the process.

His combination of the best classic hair coloring techniques paired with his unique twist of top developed balayage techniques supplies a unique look into hair color and how it's taught. Those looking to continue to be inspired by their craft have a wonderful opportunity to learn an original.

He specializes in all color services; single process, highlights and creative work.  Balayage is strongly entrenched in Patrick's portfolio.  He is energized by the client's overall satisfaction with the process. 

Patrick sees hair color and cut as an essential aspect to anyone's overall fashion. He believes your hair is one of the most important "fashion investments" you can make on yourself. Feeling good about your hair can lead to many other positive outcomes. A gorgeous head of hair paired with a beautiful lady can make for an unstoppable combination.

"You can have your favorite jeans and heels on, but if your hair is sad, it doesn't work.  Assisting people on their appearance is important to me and I recognize the care and consideration that is necessary."

Patrick has always been interested in fashion and pop culture.  At a young age, growing up in Chicago, he knew he wanted to be a part of the fashion industry.  In school studying all the facets of creating beautiful hair, he was quickly drawn to the color aspect.

Hair color, specifically balayage, is just one of Patrick's loves. Personally, Patrick enjoys the journey of traveling, exploring new places and cultures (this also helps with discovering emerging trends outside Chicago).  Personal fitness through yoga and weight training help him stay focused. His dog, Nettie, adds inspiration with her unconditional love (and licks).

Get to know him even better... Get Painted by Patrick.

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-L'Oreal Color Trophy: London

-Balayage Symposium with Nancy Braun

-L'Oreal Academy SoHo New York

-Balayage Training with Nancy Braun

-Bumble University: SoHo New York

-L'Oreal Academy SoHo New York

-Wella Institute Santa Monica

-Vidal Sassoon Academy Los Angeles

-Developed Extensive In Salon Training

Enjoy the

Inspiration can be found everywhere. Travel is essential to keep the creative juices flowing. The colors of nature. The emerging trends of far off lands. The vibrancy of exploring something new.


Packing up and setting out (even if it's just taking the wagon down to the local beach) sparks and refuels. Patrick loves finding a new path to journey; a mountain to climb; a waterfall to splash in... it all helps build on his creative portfolio and lends a refreshed take on his extensive fundamental knowledge of his craft and love... creating beauty for you.

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